Security, Investigations, & Property Management


Provide Exceptional service to our clients by assigning outstanding employees, holding our employees to a higher standard, while exceeding our employee’s expectations as an employer. We focus on this mission through our Security Services, Partnership Program, and collaborating with other Security Guard Companies. Interlock Security Group Private Investigators are also a Key Tool to our success.

Interlock Security Group employees are to have the core values instilled within themselves. Interlock Security Group is contracted by the public to provide safety, trust, and honesty in protection of lives, property, and truth in any given situation.

Interlock Security Group is designed to be held to a higher standard as an agency.

Core Values:

Courage – Strength in the face of pain or grief.

Safety – Protection against exposure or event that causes harm or loss.

Integrity – Quality of honesty and having strong moral principles.


Provide employees with benefits that aren’t offered in the current industry. We will continue to incorporate benefits to help employees live a better life. As a result it will reduce turnover of employees, have high staff morale, more productive staff, gain more trust from our Client's.