Agency Logo/Patch Breakdown:

Shield = Protection against harm and hazards

“X” = Diversity of employee skills that enables, “Interlocking All Security Aspects”

Three Top Fields = Agency name “Interlock Security Group”

Eagle and Pose = The fierce fight against wrong doings

Wings Spread Open = Duty to Protect

Eagle Color: Brown, White, Gold = Three Core Values

Agency Moto:

"Interlocking All Security Aspects"

Accomplishing our mission enables diversity in employee skill sets. Forming, “Interlocking All Security Aspects” in the security industry, into one agency.

Agency History:

Interlock Security Group, Inc. was established in Naples, Florida 2015. The founders realized the need of an agency as ours within its industry. Companies in the security industry were offering low pay, no benefits, over worked employees, hiring anyone, and didn’t care for employees needs in return to their dedication.  Our founders wanted to exceed the playing field in the industry, creating Interlock Security Group focusing on employee and client needs for an all-around win, win agency.

Meaning of Interlock Security Group:

Interlock – we are able to interlock all security aspects into one agency.

Security – we provide security and investigations.

Group – diversified employee skill sets brings the group together to accomplish tasks.