Employment Application

You may complete the application by computer or hand. Be sure to follow instructions on the application as this informs us of your ability to follow directions. Be sure to have required pages in application notarized by a Notary of Public in your State.                                                                                       NOTE: *INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED OR ACCEPTED*

Tobacco Policy:

Employees shall not use any tobacco products while on duty, in uniform, while representing agency, on client’s property, around any clients, agency property, or in any agency vehicle. Employees may not have the odor of smoke on their person while on duty or in uniform.  Employees are allowed to use E-Cigs and Electronic Vapes.

Tattoo Policy:

ISG does not permit employees to have tattoos visible below the elbow, but is subject to Client's request. Employees with tattoo's below the elbow maybe require to wear a long sleeve uniform shirt or a tattoo cover up sleeve that is flesh colored to employee’s skin tone.

All employees shall not have a tattoo(s) or temporary tattoo(s) below the wrists, above the collar bone, on the neck, face, or head during employment. We are in a position of trust and professionalism.

Potential employees or current employees with tattoos of vulgar or obscene content, racists, extremist, gang related, promote disorder or chaos, disrespect towards law or government or United States, or promote any other content that is not suitable for a professional in a trust worthy position shall not be employable by Interlock Security Group. All tattoo content on arms and legs shall be inspected by the Branch Director and discretion for employment rests on their decision in accordance with our policy.

Our Employment Process Consists of but not limited to:

Lengthy Employment Application

Oral Boards as Interviews (3-5 Member Panel)

12 Panel Screening Drug Test

Extensive Background Investigation

Employment History Verification

Hiring Process Consist of  3 Phases

E-Verify for Employment

FTO Program for all new employees

Potential employees are screened prior to appointment, by our on staff Agency Psychologist to ensure the best trustworthy, qualified candidates for client protection.

Employees must meet the state requirements for licensing and hold active licenses in relation to their assigned duties. In addition, all our employees are required to have First Aid certification with CPR/AED qualification.

Full Time Employee Benefits:   (After one year vested) 

- Bi-Lingual Pay

- 48 hours paid vacation a year (up to)

- 18 hours accrued sick time a year (up to)

- Awards

- Uniform Ribbon Awards

- Promotions by Oral Board

- 6 Agency Recognized Holidays

- Health, Vision, Dental Plans

- Employee Step plan pay raise. Subject to cap pay amount and based on evaluations.

Result: Higher morale, happier employees, reduced turn over rates, better qualified applicants, less call outs.

Employment Application can be found at the bottom of the page.