Officers are trained in the following disciplines while in the FTO Program:

- Agency Reports

- Agency Policies

- Chain of Command Notification

- State Statue Laws

- Firearms


- Use of Force

- Report Writing   (Uniformed Standard)

- Life, Fire, and First Aid Safety

- Crisis Intervention Techniques

- Drug and Human Trafficking (Includes Drug Overdoses)

- Bomb Threats

- Terrorist Threats

- Active Shooter Threats

- Vehicles: Approach, Take Downs, and Operations

- Investigation Tactics

- Radio Procedures

- Special Training needed for assignment 

All Officers go through a Field Training Officer (F.T.O.) Program as a condition of employment. Officers must pass this program to remain employed. We train Officers in this program to ensure uniformity standards, measure their ability to perform duties, and allow Officers to conduct self assessments related to their Skills.

This program consist of no less than 24 hours of training and no more than 40 hours. Officers are responsible for the pace they progress in the program.