Security, Investigations, & Property Management


Investigation: Locate, Abuse, and Criminal 

Security: Armed, Traffic Enforcement, and Roving Patrol

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ISG Method:

ISG engages the Community, Public, Occupants, and others by a using a technique called Community Policing.

In the process of Community Policing, I.S.G. is able to bridge the gap between the Community and Law Enforcement. We rely on the Community to report and ask for Security’s help in all circumstances to be well informed. This allows Security to become aware of situations in order for Security personnel to be proactive, keep an accurate track of incidents, to curve the exposed areas, improve Safety and Security, and collaborate with Law Enforcement Agencies on behalf of the Property.

Security Personnel are First Aid and CPR certified which reduces response times for Medical Situations. If Security is notified while on property, Security will be able to call on behalf of the patient and respond immediately to render aid until Emergency Medical Services arrive. This could reduce the 6-20 minute average response time waiting for Medical Aid or Other Rescue Services.

Security Personnel are also able to protect those against an aggressor and intervene for the safety of those and property, keeping the peace and preventing situations from becoming physical. In a situation that is physical, Security Personnel is authorized by State Law to intervene and stop the incident from escalating and becoming more dangerous.